Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cont. René van Rems' Wedding Symposium

The day after graduation, the dust had settled, most everyone had gone back home to Texas, Canada, Hawaii, all around California and elsewhere.  But René, Noriko and I went back to the studio to clean, rearrange and deconstruct.

Cleanup begins!

Just the day before, it was full of action!

Cleared off desk.

Rearranged tables

Is this the same studio?

Front lobby with props ready to move out.

An absolutely exhausted leader, author, entertainer and designer!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cont. René van Rems' Wedding Symposium

The last day of symposium ended with graduation.  Here René surprised us with the first photograph of a page with the beautiful model holding one of our gorgeous bouquets.

Tony Alvarez, our fantastic teacher, at graduation.

Tony, David McCormick and René

Tony, Erica Rasmussen and René

Elena Andrews, Kelly Norvell, Tony, Cres Motzi, Michael Hasco, Jamie Kales, Charlene Park

Charlene, Nid Indravudh, Kiyoko Ando, Noriko Mochida, Kiyomi Kurihara, Rie Koganemaru, Junko Yamamoto

Andy, Rick and Dave the film crew.

Jake, Erica and the rest of the film crew.

Noriko and Deb

The Hawaii bunch - Deb, Lois, David and Erica.  Shaka!!

Pat Beamer, the photographer.
I wasn't able to photograph everyone before they all disappeared but I believe everyone who attended is pictured somewhere in this blog.

Cont. René van Rems' Wedding Symposium

Our "Hawaiian Day" began with a lecture by Lois Hiranaga, AIFD.  Using her book, Neotropica, she showed the audience the different types of tropical flowers and foliages from Hawaii.  Hawaiian product was supplied by Green Point Nurseries, Hilo, Hawaii.  The Hawaii Tropical Plant and Flower Guide, Neotropica, is available for purchase at this link:

Lois almost hidden behind an array of tropical product.

The anthuiums, ginger and foliages were from Hawaii.

Following Lois' lecture, Erica Rasmussen AIFD, David McCormick and Deb Di Bella AIFD gave a demonstration on haku lei making, ti leaf lei making, stringing flowers with a needle and thread and how to make a carrying container with ti leaves to transport the lei.

Meanwhile, the production continued in the back of the studio...

Shot of the model in front of the beaded curtain.

French tulips, tuberose, dendrobium orchids, hyacinth and tuberose leis created this Classic Cascade bouquet by René.  Tuberose leis courtesy of Haleakala Florist, Maui.

Workroom in full production.

Roses from Passion Growers filled these hand-tied bouquets.

Classic Cascade of phalaenopsis orchids by René.

Red orchid Garland style bouquet by René being further embellished by Paula Salvatore.

Cres Motzi AIFD playing with Oasis aluminum wire and attached the earring with Uglu!

Colorful Neo-romance bouquet by Elena Andrews.

This Angular Cascade bouquet was a collaboration by Heather de Kok and René.

Orange roses encircled by palm seeds in an Armature style bouquet by David McCormick and Heather de Kok.

Another colorful Neo-Romance style bouquet by Micheal Mancinelli and Lois Hiranaga.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cont. René van Rems' Wedding Symposium

 The symposium days continued with more bouquets, gowns and education.

Fabulous protea came from Rezendis Brothers and René created an unusual textural  combination of these incredible blooms with creamy cymbidium orchids from Rudvalis Orchids.,

Gorgeous gowns from the Bridal Showcase waiting in the dressing room.

A 'how to" lecture with a gerbera daisy and chenille.

Gerbera daisies courtesy of Fox Point Farms, San Diego, CA

Lecture on placement of stems in a radial pattern.

A dramatic Shower Bouquet of white lilies from the Sun Valley Group was dripping with ribbon, cording and mini gypsophila garlands.  Kelly Norvell and Erica Rasmussen worked together on this creation.

Rie Koganemaru worked with protea.

Hala foliage from Green Point Nurseries was the basis of a bouquet started by David McCormick.

Roses from Passion Growers and pink minks with "Pretty in Pink" protea by Anne Moore.

Again, roses from Passion Growers in a round mound accented with snips of heather and wax flower above a collar of white ribbon.

A Tear Drop style bouquet using the incredible cymbidums from Rudvalis and variegated ginger foliage from Green Point Nurseries by David McCormick.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cont. René van Rems' Wedding Symposium

The white bouquets began with...
a hand-tied bouquet of luscious roses, carnations, stock, lisianthus and blackberries.

White anemones with black centers were repeated with a black sprayed plumosa collar.  The anemones were from Fox point Farms in San Diego county.

White gerbera daisies with green blank mink protea petals and black feathers.  This photo was taken from the computer monitor which Dominic, photo assistant, was using during the photoshoot.

René lecturing to the class.

The class took a short break to drive to a park to take the class photo just before sundown.

Class walking back from the class picture.

Heather, René, Erica, Lois and Tony after the shoot.

Pat and Dominic, the photographers, packing up after shooting the class picture.

René  beginning a demonstration on how to construct a Dutchess rose.

Jake shooting René's demo.

Completed Dutchess rose.