Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas workshop

 On Sunday we had a workshop to learn how to construct a fresh, tabletop evergreen tree and how to decorate a fresh wreath using natural materials.  The ladies learned how to make their own ornaments using leaves.  They further embellished the wreaths with other nature forms like pods, pinecones, unusual dried foliages and fresh berries.

Ernell, Faith and Moira showing off their completed holiday wreaths.  Birds made of mushrooms, nests made of twigs and birdhouses made of bark completed the wreath decor.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

René van Rems' Master Symposium on High-Style Bridal Bouquets

My dear friend and mentor, René van Rems, AIFD will be conducting a Master Symposium in San  Diego from Jan. 8 - 15, 2011 on high-style bridal work.  It is the first time that I have seen anyone offer a behind the scenes look for the making of a bridal book.  We will be working with models, gowns, photography and fabulous florals.  I hope you can join us!
Contact or call the office 888-824-7363 for more information.  Also check out his site

Monday, November 1, 2010

Donna and Paul's wedding

Red, was the chosen color for the bride's bouquet.
The Pink Mink Protea was the focal point of Donna's bouquet.  Unfortunately she was getting married at the time of year in Hawaii when the minks were not in season.  I was able to connect with a wonderful grower named Ali who owns Malolo Farms on Maui and she "babied" three minks for me until harvest time.  I stripped one of the minks and used the black-tipped feathery petals throughout this bouquet.  Safari Sunset protea, Black Baccara roses, striped Dracena foliage,  Uluhe fern shoots, "Blush" mini calla lilies, succulents, silver buttonwood leaves and a collar of red ti leaves which were grown by the bride's dad and large "rubies" all went into her bouquetThe handle was also bejeweled with ruby colored crystal pins which were made by a relative.

Groom and groomsmen's  boutonnieres of Uluhe fern shoots, silver buttonwood foliage and a tiny strip of red ti leaf.  The groom has a small, clear crystal on his fern curl.

Photo credits for the slide show are by Phillip Pasag. 

Thank you, Donna, for the lovely review! 


Today's blog is to give the viewer a brief glimpse into the behind-the scenes creation of a small event/wedding.  This wedding was held on the Windward side of the island at a location called "Secret Island."  

Design table with containers for table arrangements.  These are filled with Oasis foam and are the foundation for the arrangements.

Beautiful orange Cosima roses from Ecuador which are being processed for use.

Completed bridal bouquets and arch piece, packed and ready to go into the car.  The bride wanted blue dendrobium orchids which are really purple Thai dendrobiums dyed blue.  The problem is that these will bleed if they are wet.  I had to make sure they were thoroughly dry so that they would not stain anyone's clothing.

After a wet trip over the Koolaus, we are now at the pier and have to take a boat to "Secret Island."  Bamboo arch pieces and arch flowers  are loaded onto the boat.

      Our "Titanic" is heading out to the island.  The trip takes four minutes.

                                          Mainland in back of us.  

Construction of bamboo arch on the beach begins.  "Chinaman's Hat Island" in the background.

Floral helper (Amanda) is waiting for arch construction to be completed.  Dense foliage in background is where we emerged from the dock.

                Arch piece and tools waiting on the table under the tent.

                                Poles are up and the wind is blowing!

Sorry we have no pictures of the three of us mounting the flowers but the arch is finally completed.  Note the dark clouds forming.  I take a few photos and we head back to the pier.

Rain!!!  We hid in the thicket but still got wet and the bride and her party had just arrived and were also getting wet.  You could not see the mainland because of the rain.

                     The rest of the bridal party is arriving in the drizzle.

                      Our mighty captain taking us back to the mainland.

                               Returning to the mainland in the mist.  

We finally land and the rain has eased up a bit but it's still overcast and drizzly. Now it's back to the shop to clean up.