Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Punahou Carnival 2024

Once again, we met for two nights in the Punahou cafeteria to make "haku" (lei po'o) for the annual Punahou carnival.  I want to thank all of my volunteers who were able to show up on one or both nights: Cory, Chris, Dayna, Dale, Sarah and Amanda.


First night shot of all the workers in the cafeteria.


     Cory at work.  Chris and Dayna on the opposite table.


 Dale's first piece.


Sarah's finished "haku."

 My first completed piece.


"Goodies" to choose for your lei.


 Finished "haku" for the first night.


Second night.

Dale's completed piece.


Dale's completed piece.



Sarah's headband.

When there's not enough time at the end of the night to make a full "haku," we make small headbands instead.

Sarah's "haku" the second night.


My last piece. 

Hat band made at home.