Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Patrick Dougherty at The Honolulu Academy of Art, Feb. 2012 continued

These photos were taken on Monday,  Feb.  20.  Some of the forms are almost finished.


Sections still under construction.  Note the cords tied to the ends to create a bend at the tip.  The cords are later removed when the structure solidifies.

Lighter colored sticks are used to emphasize the lines.

Looking out from the window to the street.

Looking at two of the windows.

Some of the forms still under construction.

Sculptures evolving.

Right one is more finished.  Left one has bare bones with some cross hatching.

Scaffolding running through and around the sculptures.

Loosely woven beginnings.

Cording holding the sculpture tops temporarily in place.

Kenny Choi from KITV news arrived late in the day on Monday.

Kenny interviewing Patrick.

Some of the volunteers at the end of the day.  It was a privilege for me to be able to help with this amazing project.

Patrick Dougherty at The Honolulu Academy of Art, Feb. 2012

Sign and pile of "sticks" on the front lawn of the Honolulu Academy of Art.  I attended Patrick's lecture about his projects and these photos were  taken on Weds. 2/15 after his 6 pm lecture.   The work had already been in progress for a few  days.

Piles of strawberry guava branches.  He uses invasive species where ever he can.

The upright branches are the foundations for the sculptures.

Scaffolding up, around the sculptures.

Scale of sculpture.

Peeping into one of the "rooms."

Closeup of the different types of branches.

Detail of the base.

SWAIFD "Floral Extravaganza"

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ron Morgan at Halekulani 2012

Ron Morgan entertained the Honolulu Garden Club at the Halekulani Hotel on Wednesday with his wonderful designs using Hawaiian tropicals, his signature "produce" and his favorite flower, the white tulip.

Here he is showing the crowd the fingers of ginger root which he found in Chinatown.  The lichen was epoxy-d to the outside of the container.

A variegated monstera leaf was gold leafed.

Ron found a smashed bird cage and scooped it up to use in a tropical  arrangment.

A banana leaf was swirled around a glass cylinder and inserted  into another for this arrangement.

Spider lily foliage was the start of this crescent arrangement.

Ron added taro leaves as well as the white anthuriums from Green Point Nurseries.

Bromeliads created the "fire" in  this red arrangement.

Bathroom tile from the hotel room next door was added  to this metal vase.

Produce of choice in this piece was gobo, which matched the color  of the candle stands which were placed horizontally.

Banana rosettes, star fruit and "bobba"  drink straws found in Chinatown were used in this unusual arrangement.

Banana leaf was the basis of this green and white arrangement.

An inverted plant stand was the basis for this green foliage filled arrangement which also incorporated green butterflies  which were glued to stems of willow.

Completed "tile"  arrangement.

Completed bird cage  arrangement incorporated lotus root, fuzzy heliconia, anthuriums and ti leaves.

White bird of paradise, gobo and alocasia leaves.

Green arrangement pairs produce with tropical foliage and flowers.

Oncidium orchids,  with Calathea and gilded, variegated monstera leaves.

Ron's favorite white tulips with ginger root and jicama.

Tulips petals were reflexed.

Crescent arrangement of spider lily foliage,  taro leaves and white anthurium.

Close up of hidden lily buds.

Another tropical arrangement using the lily buds.

"Fire" arrangement.