Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cont. René van Rems' Wedding Symposium

The last day of symposium ended with graduation.  Here René surprised us with the first photograph of a page with the beautiful model holding one of our gorgeous bouquets.

Tony Alvarez, our fantastic teacher, at graduation.

Tony, David McCormick and René

Tony, Erica Rasmussen and René

Elena Andrews, Kelly Norvell, Tony, Cres Motzi, Michael Hasco, Jamie Kales, Charlene Park

Charlene, Nid Indravudh, Kiyoko Ando, Noriko Mochida, Kiyomi Kurihara, Rie Koganemaru, Junko Yamamoto

Andy, Rick and Dave the film crew.

Jake, Erica and the rest of the film crew.

Noriko and Deb

The Hawaii bunch - Deb, Lois, David and Erica.  Shaka!!

Pat Beamer, the photographer.
I wasn't able to photograph everyone before they all disappeared but I believe everyone who attended is pictured somewhere in this blog.

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