Sunday, April 28, 2013

Honolulu workshops with René van Rems Apr. 2013

Rene held a workshop for the Honolulu Garden Club at the former Linekona, now known as the Honolulu Museum of Art School.

Rene began the workshop with a vegative design.

The second project was a spiral hand tied bouquet.

Class photo of garden clubbers.

Friday, April 26, 2013

René van Rems with the Honolulu Garden Club April 2013

The Honolulu Garden Club invited René van Rems to present a show and a workshop in April.  The show was held at the Halekulani Hotel in Honolulu.  The following pictures were taken by Jann Boxold, Carole Chun, D. Bocken and myself.

Tropicals supplied by Green Point Nursery, Hilo, HI.  Rene combined temperate larkspur with our local Hawaiian tropical flowers and foliage in this large piece.

Sexy Scarlet hanging heliconia were the focal flowers in this arrangement.

We went hiking in Makapu'u and Rene was fascinated with the Koa seed pods so he gathered a few to create this container.
Demonstrating how the seed pods were attached with Smithers' Uglu.

Switching gears to a French country look with sunflowers, hydrangea and viburnum.

Rene begins work on a vase arrangement incorporating flat aluminum wire from Smithers-Oasis.

Crimped wire is added into the vase and above it to create an armature.

Adding bear grass and french tulips.

The completed arrangement.

More tulips in a basket.

The finished basket up for silent auction.

Rene began a Mille Fleur arrangement in a birch bark container using lisianthus.

Due to time constraints, he passed the arrangement to me to complete.

Larkspur, lisianthus, Persian Violet and crespedia were added.

Rene works on a vertical arrangement with hydrangea, solidaster, viburnum and larkspur.

The finished piece.

Rene began the show with this amazing mass arrangement.

Lilies, boronia, lilac, amnesia roses, Koala fern, limonium and more made up this incredible arrangement.


The gorgeous "mainland" flowers were from Ocean View Flowers and Sun Valley in California.

Current Honolulu Garden Club president, Stephanie Hee, and her prize winning arrangement!

Some of the finished arrangements on display in the hallway.

Kitty Wo, Floral Chair and Stephanie Hee, President with designer René van Rems.