Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2016 AIFD National Symposium in Anaheim, CA

These are a few of the amazing designs seen in and around the Anaheim Marriott Hotel where the annual AIFD Symposium was held this year.  I was not able to attend the design shows because I was "in hiding" for a day and a half as a surprise guest for René van Rems who received the Award of Design Influence.  Some of the finished designs that I did get to see were in a separate room but not labeled so I don't know what program they were from and who the designers were.

Lobby designs

Orchid plants were plentiful all around the hotel.

A skirt made of fasciated branches and hanging amaranthus.

Bustier made of carnation petals.

Hundreds of tiny safety pins made up this intriguing necklace.

Colorful, fun bouquet.

One of the centerpieces by Micheal Quesada AIFD incorporating tropicals from Green Point Nursery.
The reason I attended the Awards Dinner!  René van Rems was awarded the 2016 Award of Design Influence.

Closeup of the award.    
CONGRATULATIONS René!  You are most deserving of this award and have been an inspiration to me and so many others.