Wednesday, November 8, 2017

2017 European Masters Certification (EMC) Part I, City College, San Francisco, CA

I finally took the opportunity to attend EMC Part I in San Francisco this past October.  I told everyone at work that this was not a vacation because I had heard that there was homework and studying involved.  I was right but it was a fabulous opportunity to learn floral design from an "European" perspective.  It was an analytical process which forced me to think differently and to view design in a precise way.

Wonderful studio at City College with a great array of containers!

Lesson number one.

Finished products.
Homework to analyze.
Decorative with vegative vines.

Lesson on horizontal line.

My assignment: horizontal, symmetrical design.

Lesson on upward movement.
Zero Point lesson.

Imploding design with several growing points.

My assignment:  Asymmetric design with the Growing Point outside of the container.

My assignment:  Zero point design

Demo on armature, spiraled hand-tied bouquet.
Demo on Active Color.

Final demo on Passive Color.
Thanks to Tomas, Hitomi, Aniko and Ania, City College and everyone else who contributed to this amazing, challenging workshop.