Sunday, April 2, 2017

Florists' Review Photo Shoot

  Back in September 2016, I flew to Maui to join other floral designers from Hawaii for a photo shoot by Florists' Review magazine for their February 2017 issue.
  We were given different topics to choose from and I immediately decided to create something with a Hawaiian theme.  And what better Hawaiian theme to use than our version of head garlands.  We call them "Haku" head lei, which is one of the techniques used to make these head leis.

Two pu'olo (ti leaf packages) waiting to be opened.
Opening the first pu'olo.

Orchids, mini roses, hypericum berries, foliages and kauna'oa (dodder) make up this head lei.  Hawaiian head leis are worn down low over the forehead and slightly higher in the back.

Second pu'olo opened to reveal a lavender colored Haku.

This is an accompanying small nosegay of roses, orchids, sandpaper flower and foliages.

Roses, orchids, hydrangea, sandpaper flower, foliages and spanish moss are in this Haku.

Mahalo to Travis Rigby, Publisher of "Florists' Review" magazine, Sarah Collier of "Taken by Sarah" Photography, Eric Tanouye, President of "Green Point Nurseries" and "Saja Wedding" for the gowns.