Sunday, February 7, 2021

Punahou Carnival 2021

Normally the Punahou Carnival is held on the first Friday and Saturday in February but because of Covid, it had been reduced to a virtual carnival for everyone except for the students and faculty.  Therefore, our annual Haku making had strict rules regarding color and availability of product.  So we worked with what was given to us.  We were allowed to contribute our own materials but we had to keep the color palettes in mind.

The following is from our Haku instructions:

The lei were sold online to the students and faculty, in the following color categories:
  1. Buff/Blue
  2. Pink/Orange/Purple
  3. Red/Orange/Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Native/Traditional 
* Please keep this in mind while making your lei, as we will try to follow these color combinations.

The pics shown above were the examples given to us to choose from.

This is what we actually received.

The purple bougainvillea was our donation.  Much of the orange bougainvillea was dried and dead so I dumped it.  The "red" cup and saucer was falling apart so I tried not to use too much of it.

My original plan to make a "red, orange and yellow" haku became a peach, yellow and orange-ish one.

My second one was an all foliage, more "Hawaiian" style with mini red/green ti leaves.

For the keiki

For the keiki

My daughter, Sarah, also made two beautiful haku (lei po'o).

We are happy to help keep the tradition alive and hopefully next year we can be back to in-person making lei.