Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Frank Feysa AIFD, in conjuction with Smithers-Oasis, Floradec Sales and Green Point Nursery put on a great show this past Sunday at Floradec Sales, Honolulu.

Frank started off the wedding show with a bouquet which incorporated the mega bead wire.

This was a "Place It" foam arrangement suctioned onto a glass panel (hard to see but it's there.)

A sweet stephanotis bouquet incorporating more beaded wire.

Midolino sticks turned into an armature and used in a vase arrangement.  Steve called this the satellite dish arrangement.

Frank demonstrating how to build a large centerpiece using the Oasis raquette holders.

A beautiful, earthy bouquet with a ribbon collar.

Various gauges of Oasis aluminum wire and beaded wire form a collar-armature for delphinium and kermit poms.

A heart shapaed cardboard box formed the basis for this hanging bouquet and utilized the new Oasis chains.

More beaded wire and the new brooch pins went into this bouquet.

Wire collar, chains and the gold Elegant bouquet holder were used in this bouquet.

A different look with a cone disguising the bouquet holder.

Here Frank demonstrated how to decorate a plane container

This bouquet utilized the new muslin strips, button wire and midollino.

A faux hand tied bouquet.

Again button wire and muslin strips in different colors.

Brooch bouquet using the new brooches, bead wire and aluminum wires.

A vignette displaying the finished bouquets and the "Nostalgia" color palette which inspired these arrangements.

The "Metropolitan" color palette vignette.

Show casing the newest Oasis products.

Frank demo-ing a larger tabletop arrangement.

One of the sponsors, Green Point Nursery of Hilo.

Rustic wire made this armature and tail of this natural looking bouquet.

Burlap was incorporated into this arrangement.

Crowd taking pictures.  The large pink carnation orb is the new large Oasis foam sphere on an extender stick.

New pool float.

6 ga. aluminum wire and button wire.

Wire and midollino collar.

The new flat, round European bouquet holder.

New Oasis foam purse shape.

Fun, different bouquet

Cascade bouquet in a bright palette.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Floret Cadet and René van Rems AIFD

Floret Cadet blogged about a wonderful Tablescape workshop class with René van Rems AIFD back on Nov. 11, 2011.  I asked for her permission to link to her blog since we will soon be having a Tablescape workshop here in Honolulu with René and it looked like so much fun!  So please visit her blog and enjoy! and Mahalo to Floret Cadet!