Saturday, July 27, 2019

HFNA's Wedding Celebrations 2019

The Hawaii Floriculture and Nursery Association began their four island Wedding Celebrations tour on Oahu in June.  Hitomi Gilliam and Sue Tabbal-Yamaguchi AIFDs were to present a show and demonstration at Floradec Sales in Honolulu.  Unfortunately, Sue was unable to attend due to an illness so at the last minute, Lois Hiranaga AIFD and I filled in as designers.

Sample of some of the temperate flowers and foliage used in the designs.

Locally sourced tropical product used in combination with the temperate product to produce a winning combination which Hitomi calls "Tropical Nouveau."

Hitomi's cascade bouquet

Hitomi's bouquet.

Lois Hiranaga's bouquet.

Lois Hiranaga's bouquet.
Hitomi discussing my "wildflower" bouquet.

Hitomi's compote arrangements using Holly Chapple's "pillow."

Lois' compote design.

Tall arrangement by Hitomi

Tower arrangement by Hitomi.

My arrangement demonstrating the armature underneath for all to see the construction.
We also constructed 2 arches.  This is Hitomi's in pastel pinks, lavenders, whites, and peaches.

Lois and I constructed a vibrant colored arch in yellow, red, orange, peach and bronze.  Our construction utilized foam and chickenwire.

One last piece was an asymmetrical floral headband.

A lovely writeup by CTAHR about the Oahu "Wedding Celebration."

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