Sunday, October 18, 2015

Per Benjamin Workshop and Demo in Hawaii, Sept. 2015

Per's demo begins with his three circle carnation bouquet.

Explaining how to spiral all three rows of stems.

Adding more flowers and accessories for interest.
Collar of yarn and plastic strips is the base for a more organic arrangement.

Double carnation arch construction.

Beginning to add flowers too the feather bouquet.

Top of the feather bouquet before adding flowers to it.

Inverted yarn bouquet.
Using tropicals for an arc arrangement.

King Protea bouquet with the addition of more flowers.
Grass basket bouquet.  Note the handle.

Per's signature carnation heart bouquet.
Finished bouquets.

King Protea bouquet

Inverted yarn bouquet.

Ti leaf bouquet.

Class photo.  MAHALO Per for the inspiration!!

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