Saturday, August 3, 2013

AIFD 2013 Symposium Las Vegas

Some quick snapshots of what was happening in Vegas...

Partners' Expo with ibulb.  Table by Rene van Rems

Rene at ibulb table.

Other partner tables throughout the Expo

Green Point Nursery's table done by Hitomi Gilliam

Other side of Hitomi's table.

Rene van Rems book table at the "Book Store."

Hawaiian luncheon done by Debbi Barrett Holt and sponsored by Green Point Nursery, Hilo, HI

Mini book reunion for those who worked on the book, Rene's Bouquets.

Eric Tanouye and sons of Green Point Nursery

Araik's circles on display in lounge.

Tomas De Bruyne's presentation.

Yutaka Jimbo's show.

Phil Rulloda with Angela Darrah and the Green Point boys.

Tomas De Bruyne's Gloriosa lily namesake.

Fabulous fashion show conducted by Joyce Mason Monheim.

My two favorite mentors - Hitomi and René

Wedding show by Gerry Toh.

Gerry and his masking tape bouquet.

Masked ball.  Guess who?

Final night dinner and dance.

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