Monday, July 16, 2012

"Euro" hand-tied & cascading bouquet workshop with René van Rems AIFD

The students came from the outer islands as well as Oahu to participate in the day long wedding bouquet workshop with awesome designer, Rene van Rems.

Rene demonstrating collar work using Lomey's wire collar.

Samples of bouquet styles from his first book, Rene's Bouquets for Brides.

Utilizing the new Diamond Mesh wrap

Lecture on stem insertions

Collar and handle treatments

Rene demonstrating how to do a spiral hand-tied bouquet

Julia and Tony in the front row, hard at work.

Clint and Terrie working on their collars.

Color enhancing some of the flowers with Design Master's "Just for Flowers"

Illustrating repetition of form/shape in different materials

Sarah and Alan working on their hand-tied bouquets

Mei and Carol working on their bouquets

Derek and Phoebe deep in concentration

Cory beginning his bouquet

Rene beginning work on a collar

Bev and her hand-tied bouquet

Charlie and Bob

Almost done

Finished, standing, spiraled, hand-tied

Leaf collar

How to use chenille and hydrangea

Finished collared bouquet

Ribbon treatment

Beginning a cascade, pendulum bouquet with lycopodium, green trick and purple crown flower lei

Adding green cymbidiums

Class working on their cascade bouquets.

"Bling" handle

Classic white and green cascade bouquet

Lilies,  stock, larkspur, roses, ivy, bear grass and queen anne's lace

Great class with their lovely bouquets!

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