Friday, February 9, 2018

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Punahou Carnival 2018 "Haku" Lei

Punahou pre-carnival "haku" lei making begins the Tuesday and Wednesay before the Carnival starts on Friday.  Lei makers and helpers come together in Dole cafeteria to make as many lei as possible to sell during Carnival weekend.  It's a tradition, it's fun and a great get-together for everyone.

This is just part of the busy cafeteria where people are either prepping the flowers or making lei.

Sarah, me and Amanda

Cordie beginning a headband.

Finished product waiting to be packed away.

Lei on the drying racks.
Lei Po'o.  Wili style Hawaiian head lei

Close up.

Kupe'e or wristlet   

Close up
Multi-colored lei po'o.

Close up.
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Close up.   
Hair combs and chopstick by Amanda.
A series of headbands by Sarah.

Close up.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

2017 European Masters Certification (EMC) Part I, City College, San Francisco, CA

I finally took the opportunity to attend EMC Part I in San Francisco this past October.  I told everyone at work that this was not a vacation because I had heard that there was homework and studying involved.  I was right but it was a fabulous opportunity to learn floral design from an "European" perspective.  It was an analytical process which forced me to think differently and to view design in a precise way.

Wonderful studio at City College with a great array of containers!

Lesson number one.

Finished products.
Homework to analyze.
Decorative with vegative vines.

Lesson on horizontal line.

My assignment: horizontal, symmetrical design.

Lesson on upward movement.
Zero Point lesson.

Imploding design with several growing points.

My assignment:  Asymmetric design with the Growing Point outside of the container.

My assignment:  Zero point design

Demo on armature, spiraled hand-tied bouquet.
Demo on Active Color.

Final demo on Passive Color.
Thanks to Tomas, Hitomi, Aniko and Ania, City College and everyone else who contributed to this amazing, challenging workshop.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

"Unexpected" Sogetsu exhibit 2017 Neiman Marcus Honolulu

I attended the Sogetsu show today and took pics of some of the artistic arrangements.  I'm sorry that I can't identify who did which ones.